Kaya Fortune

Kaya’s Statement.

A Revival At the Crossroads

I examine the artistic and cultural roots of the African Diaspora, and its influence on cultures around the world. The work celebrates African American culture through exploration of blues and jazz music, and political and social movements. In my assemblage sculptures, I revive the voices of found materials to create new interpretations of African American experience. My work celebrates African American artists and musicians whose creative ideas have guided us towards self-determination and liberation. Through the paintings, I explore a dialogue between the Mexican Muralists, the African American Modernists and the Black Power Movement. African religious symbolism is a recurring thread in my work that honors my ancestors and brings them forward. We celebrate the triumphs of our artistic experience so that we may create new visions for our children and our community. The revival at the crossroads is a convergence of artistic elements that inspire me to redefine my reality as an artist.



Kara Fortune

1942 24th Ave

Oakland, California 94601

kayafortune@gmail.com 510-329-3814


UCLA: Fine Art and Anthropology - BA 1978

Otis Art Institute: Fashion and Illustration, Continuing Studies - 1980-82

Harvard: Project Zero, Teaching for Understanding - 2007

Professional Projects:

Neo-Dandy Art Collective: Co-Founder and Community Liason

Hood Games/ Town Park: Co-Founder and Artistic Director

Soul Salon 10 Art Collective: Co-Founder

Youth Art Alliance: Curriculum Coordinator

Afro Blue Design: Founder and Designer


Art Exhibitions:

Spirit House Gallery: Group Show, “Bold as Love” - Febuary 2018

Joyce Gordon Gallery, Solo Show: “The Revival at the Crossroads" - January 2018

Kelly Pascal Gallery: “Reflections of Oakland” - September 2017

Ball Universe Gallery: "Kaya + Gthingi" - June 2017

The Legacy of the Black Panther Party: American Steel - May/June 2016

The Hub Gallery: "Uptown" - March 2016

Oakstop Gallery: “Black Artists on Art” - February 2015

Mercury 20 Gallery: “Innerboogieology”, solo show, - September 2014

Mocha Gallery: “Mocha After Dark, Artists Collaboration” - September 2014

Jefferson St. Gallery: “Three the Hard Way” - July, 2014

Rock Paper Scissors: “Urban Tapestry” - June 2014

Mercury 20 Gallery Collaborative Show with Jill McLennan - February 2014

African American Cultural Center: San Francisco, “The Life and Times of Nina Simone”, with 14 artists - July 2013

Mua Restaurant: “Urban Hyroglyphics” with Jill McLennan - April 2013

Joyce Gordon Gallery: “Civil Rights and Lefts” - October 2012

Luka’s Restaurant: “Kush to Compton” - May 2012

Joyce Gordon Gallery: “In the Spirit of Our Ancestor” - October 2011

African American Cultural Center: “The Life and Times of Fela Kuti” San Francisco - October 2011

Raw Gallery Exhibition: “Town Park” - September 2011

African American Museum, Los Angeles: “How We Roll” - July 2010

Somar Art Bar: “Are you Hood Enough: Kaya and K-Dub” - June 2010

Raw Gallery: “Cabeza” - February 2010

MOCHA: “Embracing the Spirit: Teaching Artists” - September 2009

Pro Arts Gallery:“Featuring Soul Salon Ten Collective” - March 2009

Nuba Gallery: ,Chicago,“Black and Blue: Soul Salon 10” - November 2008

Luka’s Restaurant: “Back to Black” - September 2008

Yerba Buena Art Center: Bay Area Now 5 - June 2008

9th St. Gallery: “Soul Salon 10 presents Swamp Meet” - February 2008

American Musuem:Soul Salon, “Trouble Man: Marvin Gaye” - April 2006